Your First Step

The First Step

The first step in turning your business into one that actually works for you (and you can be genuinely proud of) is to acknowledge that the business is not running like the well-oiled machine it should, or could, be.

Unfortunately this is where many owners fall at the first hurdle. And it’s understandable. After all, these businesses are their babies, and it’s often very difficult to admit that they’re less than perfect, let alone adequate! On top of that they also often feel it reflects badly on them if the business is not doing well. So they either refuse to believe that their business is not the roaring success they would like it to be, or they convince themselves that this is how all businesses are, with some even wearing the longer hours worked and the stresses endured as a badge of honour!

So the very first thing you need to do is to get yourself into the right frame of mind where you take a step back, look at your business objectively and, if the business is not where you want it to be, be prepared to say you could do with talking to someone about how you could get there. This is not an admission of failure; far from it … it’s a sign of progress! Wanting to fix a problem is the first step to finding a solution, closely followed by a willingness to change how you do things! Without this the status quo is maintained. And as Einstein is quoted as saying, repeating the same steps and expecting a different outcome is insanity.

To help you through this first step I’ve put together a list of simple questions that address the most common issues businesses struggle with, and often don’t recognise as warning signs. I call this the Honesty Test.

The Honesty Test

So … time for you to be totally honest with yourself and have a look at these questions below. (And don’t worry … nobody’s watching you!).

Is your business:

  • Struggling to bring in more sales and/or clients?
  • Unable to retain a stable client base from which to grow?
  • Unable to regularly pay its creditors on time?
  • Having to make arrangements with the ATO for its BAS and tax obligations?
  • Behind with its superannuation payments?
  • Writing off too much in bad debts from your customers each year?

Do you:

  • Have to scrape the dust off your stock sometimes to see what it is (if you can find it)?
  • Wonder why more sales isn’t translating into more profit?
  • Dread picking up a call from a customer because you think it’s more than likely another complaint?
  • Wonder why your staff don’t do their jobs as well as you could?
  • Wish someone else was able to sort out the problems that arise every day in the business instead of them always landing on your desk?
  • Dream of being able to go on an extended holiday, safe in the knowledge that the business will run smoothly without you … but feel you can’t?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then your business is in need of attention and we need to talk … and quickly … to find The Solution!