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Career and qualifications of Jonathan Riley
Jonathan Riley MBA MSc


I’ve been lucky enough to have had a long and varied international career working with or for a wide range of businesses from the small, family owned (including my own) to household name multinational leaders in their industries. Along the way I rose to executive management positions, resulting in a rare opportunity to study business across a wide range of industries (and cultures) that have, at various stages, pursued growth.

Some of these businesses were wildly successful (notably when part of the executive team of a new McDonald’s operation that built a chain from zero to 24 stores). Some were less so, while others failed. But this wealth of experience allows me to develop better insight into factors that can nurture, or suppress, successful growth.

After starting in accounting I studied business in depth to develop a better appreciation of the wider aspects of business. Building on this solid foundation I then specialised in the study of high performing business, summarised as “Business Excellence”. This extensive study led me to conclude that the effective application of the ideas behind Business Excellence, coupled with sound financial management, forms the essential foundation for any business to achieve sustainable growth.

Road To Growth Business Advisory

By combining this experience and knowledge I have been able to identify the half a dozen or so different aspects of business that, if given the required attention, are the key to achieving success in any business, regardless of industry or location. But the neglect of any one of these is capable of preventing growth that is both sustainable and profitable.

I believe most SME owners are not aware of all these aspects, having never encountered some before. So while they are doing their level best to succeed they are, in practice, battling against the odds. It seems an injustice that their whole-hearted efforts are, to a greater or lesser degree, misguided. To address this I founded The Road To Growth Business Advisory with the sole aim of working with these hard working owners to help them translate their efforts into the success, and lifestyle, they deserve.

Academic Qualifications

Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by Manchester Business School

Master of Science (MSc) in TQM and Business Excellence awarded by Sheffield Hallam University