About Me

I’m Jonathan Riley and I founded the Road to Growth Business Advisory driven by a desire to help owners of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Brisbane to Sunshine Coast region of Queensland become fully equipped to handle the wide range of issues faced by them as they strive to grow their business into something close to what they had hoped for at the outset.

After a long and varied career working with or for a wide range of businesses from the small, family owned (including my own) to household name multinationals at the forefront of their industries, I have been able to study businesses across a wide range of industries (and cultures) that have pursued growth.

Some of these businesses succeeded (a prime example would be being a member of the executive team that worked with McDonald’s to build a chain from zero to 24 stores) and some of them failed, but these experiences have allowed me to develop a better understanding of the factors that can either contribute to, or prevent, successful growth.

After starting my career in accounting I studied business, both formally and informally, at some length to raise my appreciation of the broader aspects of business, culminating in specialising in the study of high performing business, summarised as “Business Excellence”. This extensive study led me to the conclusion that the effective use of the ideas behind Business Excellence, when augmented by sound financial management, really is the essential foundation for sustainable growth.

By combining this experience and knowledge I have been able to identify the half a dozen or so different strategies that, if applied correctly, are the key to achieving success in any business, regardless of industry or location. The neglect of any one of these factors is capable of preventing growth that is both sustainable and profitable.

In the belief that the vast majority of SME owners would rarely be aware of all these strategies (having never been exposed to all, if any, of them) and that while they were doing their level best to succeed they were, in practice, battling against the odds, I felt compelled to help these owners. This led to me founding The Road To Growth Business Advisory with the sole aim of working with them to transform their business into a high performing one that, in turn, allows them to enjoy the better things in life.