What You Can Expect

So what can you expect when you work with me in Road To Growth Business Advisory? My main objective will always be to change your life for the better through improving the performance of your business, turning it into something that boosts your enjoyment of life rather than it being a millstone around your neck.

When you work with me you’ll be dealing with someone who:-

  • Understands what it’s like to run a small business
  • Has a down to earth approach to business, with a dislike of business jargon. So we won’t be ‘blue sky thinking’, ‘drilling down’ or ‘deep diving’. When I want to get an idea or concept across to you it will be in plain English!
  • Won’t present the latest fad or ‘off-the-shelf’ package as the silver bullet that solves all of everyone’s problems. The advice will be selected to address your issues in your business
  • Has a unique combination of experience in financial management, Business Excellence and company growth, at one stage being a member of the executive team that worked with McDonald’s (a company that knows a thing or two about sustainable growth!) to build a chain from zero to 24 stores
  • Can give advice backed by a high level of formal business knowledge coupled with long, broad-based years of experience

When we’re working together we’ll be:

  • Turning your business into a high performing one that generates an income that in turn supports the lifestyle you’re searching for
  • Locking in the improvements and building on these to create a thriving business that can generate that income well into the future
  • Taking the stresses on you down to an acceptable, then desirable level
  • Allowing you to take worry-free time out from the business for you and your family to enjoy
  • Giving you the knowledge and ability to allow you to stay on the road to growth for the long haul