Adopting the Business Excellence approach should be at the core of your strategy if you want to secure continuous, sustainable growth for your business. But there are other actions you can take to maximise the benefits from your Business Excellence strategy, both before and after its implementation.

Getting ready for Change

Steve Barlow helps maximise the benefits of Business Excellence strategy
Dr. Steve Barlow

One of the major challenges facing owners of SMEs who are searching for continued, steady business growth is their lack of awareness that as their business grows, so it needs to adapt to its changing circumstances. So both the owner and the business must handle change if they want the business to continue to grow.

Unfortunately, many owners lack the desire and/or the capacity to change their methods of working. Ultimately, this not only stifles the growth of their business, but it can also have fatal consequences.

If you’re able to ensure you’re ‘fit for change’ you’ll be in a position to maximise the benefits from adopting your Business Excellence strategy, and further boost the growth of your business.

Over the past 20 years Dr. Steve Barlow has contributed much to the understanding of the psychology of personal change fitness and organisational change readiness. In doing so he has developed a way of assessing whether people are ‘fit for change’. But more importantly, he has also designed a programme for helping them move into a state of ‘fitness’ if they are falling short.

Steve lectures in the Master of Leadership program at the University of Tasmania and has coached more than 3,000 people.

As a highly regarded authority on change he has presented at the United Nations Association and many other conferences around Australia.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and a Member of the Change Management Institute. He has also written (or co-written) 7 books on the subject of Change.

Spreading the Word

Chris Willems helps maximise the benefits of Business Excellence strategy
Dr. Christiaan (Chris) Willems

If you’ve gone to the effort of laying the foundations for growth in your business by embedding the principles of Business Excellence into it, it makes sense to maximise the benefits wherever you can.

Dr. Chris Willems can help you do this and give a further boost to the growth of your business. By helping you become a more professional and credible presenter of both ‘live’ and online events he enables you to connect more effectively with both potential and current customers. This, in turn, encourages them to more actively engage with your business, leading to higher sales.

Chris works directly with Business Owners, CEOs and Executives, coaching them to become more comfortable, confident and credible when presenting to a live audience or on-camera.

While many business leaders may be great at speaking with people one-on-one, presenting to a live audience is very different. Similarly when they’re looking down a camera lens.

Like it or not, video has become the leading medium for digital business communication. Not mastering the art of (video) presentation means you’re missing an opportunity to make contact, and effectively communicate, with your customers. And this applies to customers both current and prospective, meaning sales opportunity are being missed.

For over 29 years Chris has been coaching in communication across the business and academic sectors – both ‘live’ and online, and brings this experience and expertise together in his courses.